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Løv is Beautiful

Metalldose (100 g)

Løv is Beautiful ist eine verführerische, sonnig-aromatische Mischung mit mildem Geschmack, die allen Schleckermäulern ein Lächeln auf die Lippen zaubern wird. Auf der Basis von weißem Tee, grünem Tee und... grünem Rooibos, angereichert mit Aprikosen und natürlichem Pfirsicharoma, entsteht so ein fruchtiger und leicht süßer Geschmack. Kleine Mango- und Ananasstückchen sorgen für eine leicht exotische Note. Løv is Beautiful ist Ihr neuer Verbündeter für natürliche Schönheit. read more

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Summer in Løv

Gesunder Durstlöscher

Løv Organic erfindet den Eistee-Klassiker Pfirsich neu: Summer in Løv ist die perfekte Mischung aus Hibiskus und Früchten, mit Steinfrucht- und Wassermelonenaromen - der Sommer kann kommen!

On the Rocks


Drei fruchtig-frische Teemischungen, die nicht nur als Eistees, sondern auch heiß ein echter Genuss sind!


Meditation, an invitation


Some are fully present in each and every moment, others have just started practicing mindfulness and are already hooked. And then there are those who don’t know that meditation is in the cards for them. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, finding your center has become essential! ...


The Løv Organic Team’s Miracle Morning


I will wake up early tomorrow, promise It’s Daylight saving time and warmer days are ahead! It’s the perfect time to revamp your morning routine and make up for the hour less of sleep! We’ve got you covered with the perfect solution to make your morning a miracle morning. “The Miracle Mor...


Q&A with Pauline Ado : Team Summer or Team Winter?


Don’t know about you, but here in the office, we have a bad case of wanderlust. We’re dreaming of new destinations and a total change of pace. We’re talking all out wind in your hair, sun in your eyes…le sigh. At this time of year, we have Team Ski and Team Beach, and whichever team... Vi...




Let your hands do the talking! We stopped by our Parisian favorite Café Marlette to get together with 20 Løv fans for a cozy cooking class! Chef Linda Granebring showed the group how to make 3 amazing “green” recipes using a surprise ingredient… Løv is Green! Here are the 3 recipes for y...




We had a get-together with Løv fans in Paris for the launch of our newest herbal tea, Løv is Green, where we enjoyed 3 green DIY projects that you can try too! Project 1 : Make your own terrarium Materials: A glass terrarium 1 small plant, such as a ficus Potting soil A large glass... View Arti...


Vegetable and fruit herbal tea: a green revolution!


The new year marks a new beginning, and time for resolutions! This year, Løv Organic is going green in our own, special way: a new herbal tea with veggies and fruits that is sure to surprise you! We found our inspiration this time around in the stacks of fruits and vegetables at a local farmers...


When it comes to plants, the more the better


2018 is here! Finally time for good resolutions : the Løv team is getting green! At the office, the Løv is Green, our fruits and veggies herbal tea has already been adopted! We have two more words to add: GO GREEN! Some experts have compiled the multiple benefits of having plants at home, plus ...


Our future cities


For the launch of our new blend : Løv is Green, the team gathered some of the biggest “green” trends happening in our cities ! Did you know that in the year 2050 cities will house six billion people? Whoa, that’s a lot of people! From climate change to melting ice caps, cities are ...

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